Our Team

Pablo Fernando Alfonso Founding Partner
Pablo Fernando Alfonso
Manuel Alfonso Carrillo General Manager
Manuel Alfonso Carrillo
Mauricio Piñeros Commercial Associate
Mauricio Piñeros
Carolina Núñez Commercial Associate
Carolina Núñez
Guillermo Aparicio Commercial Associate
Guillermo Aparicio
Sonia Diazgranados Construction Coordinator
Sonia Diazgranados
Pablo Augusto Alfonso Legal Director
Pablo Augusto Alfonso
Andrés Achury Commercial and Administrative Coordinator
Andrés Achury
Fabián Gabriel Ortiz Appraisal Coordinator
Fabián Gabriel Ortiz
Sergio Andres Marketing and Advertising Coordinator
Jean Pierre Simbaqueva Appraisal Professional
Jean Pierre Simbaqueva
Jefferson Pulido Appraisal Professional
Pedro Castillo Properties Professional
Pedro Castillo
Jinneth Pachon Administrative Assistant
Jinneth Pachon
Viviana Navarrete Administrative Assistant
Viviana Navarrete
Rubis Moreno General Services Assistant
Rubis Moreno
Teo Mascot